Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Holidays in Majorca

Majorca might be known for sun, sea and summertime, but outside of the traditional holiday season the island has plenty to offer along with temperatures akin to a mild British springtime. Without the crowds and the gravitational pull to the beaches, you can get a taste of the other delights this island has to offer, and enjoy some of the many activities on offer. Both accommodation and flights are cheaper in the off-season, so book your Majorca flights at flythomascook, find your perfect place to stay, and get to grips with the real Majorca. Here are just a few things you can do on the island in winter. 

Climbing is becoming more fashionable in the UK, with indoor walls springing up in towns across the country. In Majorca you can try your hand at the real thing, testing your skills on the limestone walls, cliffs and caves of the island. Combine climbing, jumping, swimming and abseiling as you explore the less travelled path in the far less busy period of the year. 

 Majorca might not be on a level with France or mainland Spain when it comes to wine making, but there are over 300 varieties of wine here, and they are all superb quality. Visit one of the 60 wine estates of the island for a tour and tasting session of the wine grown. Binissalem and Santa Maria should be your first port of call, as they boast the largest vineyards. 

January Fiestas. 
If you want to see what local life is really like, then visit outside of the tourist season, and at a time of celebration, when everyone is free to let their hair down. The feast of Saint Antoni is a spectacle including devils and, often, a parade of animals. A day or so later, depending on the year, is the San Sebastian celebration, where many fires and barbeques are lit, and locals enjoy sausages and wine in the street. 

Visiting a country outside of its tourist peak is arguably the only time to see it in its natural state. Discover the side of Majorca that’s not in the brochures and enjoy all it has to offer during the winter months.


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