Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Decade of Lagalog

Smiling dancer from Taberna, El Nido Barutuan Festival 2014
A lot of things can  happen in 10 years.  Jobs change.  Fate alters plans.  Passion cools.  Novelty grows old.

I remember getting started in web logging, then a novel idea of sharing journals online instead of on paper, on a January night in 2004, partly out of curiosity, partly out of boredom rendering overtime work.  Funny looking back at it now because back then, clamshell phones were the rage and tablets were unheard of.  Ditto Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays, clamshells are relics next to touchscreens, notebooks look ancient beside tablets, social interaction gave way to social media networking.  I mean, who would've thought?

The realm of blogging itself has evolved so much in so short a time, the power of social media sharing did not go un-ignored by ad and pr agencies as well as the public.  These days, it's fairly common to see bloggers sharing space in coverages with members of the mainstream press.

That Lagalog is celebrating 10 years is plenty of reasons to be thankful for.  I really have no idea I will still be blogging a decade down the road after dabbling in what was then a novelty in 2004.  So allow me to thank all my readers and guests for helping keep this site alive and well, and to God for sustaining me through all these years.

In all these years, Lagalog remains steadfast to the site's principles from the start.  As a former mainstream media reporter myself ages ago, I will always be committed to honesty and integrity, telling the story as it is, and offering constructive criticism where it is merited and welcomed.  While popularity is a nice ego massage idea, I would like to think that Lagalog is more about sharing and making a contribution to the common good, no matter how minute it may seem.  What will happen in the next 10 years is anybody's guess really so as some anonymous smart man said, let's take it one day/one trip at a time.  God bless y' all.


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