Friday, January 3, 2014

Five Ways to Document a Trip

One of the biggest regrets people have about their travels is not keeping a good record. Although most of us take at least a few photographs, it’s often the small details that escape us after the trip is finished. 

Here are five great ways to preserve those memories long after you’ve arrived home: 

1. Photography  This is the most obvious was of recording a trip and usually, the easiest. With smartphones having such excellent cameras, it’s no longer necessary to buy big SLR cameras unless you’re really serious about photography. Try to keep your camera to hand, so you won’t miss anything, but also remember to label your images – whether that’s by hand when you’ve printed them out, or digitally on your computer when you’ve backed them up – so you remember where you were a few years down the line. 

2. Journal  Not everyone’s a writer, but a journal is a great way to keep those little stories safe that you might easily forget otherwise. You don’t need to be Shakespeare – this is just for your own records and it’s one of the most personal ways to keep travel memories. 

3. Video If you’re an aspiring Spielberg, videos are good – often funny – ways to preserve moments on the road. When you get home, you can edit your videos into one collage of your favourite travel memories to show family and friends or watch back years later. 

4. Blog  Although similar to a journal, the blog is for public consumption. You can include your photos and videos, alongside an account of what you’ve been up to and tips you’ve picked up with in-the-know places to see or avoid, which might be useful for other travellers planning their next trip, as well as keeping everyone at home updated. 

5. Correspondence  An interesting way to collect your memories of a trip is to record all your correspondence with people at home. This might be a file of your emails or a recording of a phone call –which you can do cheaply with various SIM card deals for international calls. Thus, you can accurately recall your emotions and thoughts while you were away – it’s easy to forget how amazing something was, but hearing our thoughts at the time is a special way to remember exact details. Make sure you organise a SIM only with before you depart on your travels – even if you’re not recording your correspondence for personal use, staying in touch is a manner of sharing your experiences for someone else to remember – and maybe be inspired by – too.


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