Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hive Hotel QC Shoot: Learning the Essence, Earning the Rewards of Patience

Soon to open Hive Hotel and Convention Place
That I got summoned towards the weekend meant that the requirement must have been really rush. But it's always a pleasure to work with the Cocoon Boutique Hotel group so I came on a Monday. Turns out the images were needed that very day for the printers as the 22nd Travel Expo was just days away. The hotel itself is in the latter part of construction and finishing stages, literally, a beehive of activity (pun intended).

Interesting wall art
The mid-afternoon light was glaring. I shot the room and wasn't happy. The light was harsh, the room flat and uninviting. Even if we were rushing, I told my client we have to wait for the afternoon sun to do magic.  We weren't just selling a room but rather, a mood, a feeling. Good thing I had the mind to even bring it up, having had only an hour of sleep as I work nights and another good thing was to have an understanding client willing to listen and trust.

I guess the lesson in this short post is the essence and reward of patience. Never mind if my narcoleptic mind was close to shutting down for the day. Never mind if my sleepy head was telling me to get it over and done with in the here and now instead of later as there would be post-processing chores to be done.  The work crew was in a flurry of activities putting finishing touches at the lobby as I fought off sleepiness. Then come 5pm, the magic started. As the sun bathed the Timog skyline with wonderful light, the rays bathed the room with magic. Lesson learned -- magic comes to those willing to wait.

Note: The Hive Hotel and Convention Place is the second hotel of the people behind Cocoon Boutique Hotel in Quezon City.  Located in Scout Tuason corner Scout MadriƱan Streets near Timog Avenue in Quezon City (for those old enough to remember it, the venue is the same location as the quirky My Brother's Mustache bar and restaurant ages ago), it is opening soon to cater to the business traveler.


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