Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Kuching Street Art: The Hunt for Larger than Life Canvasses

Interesting mural near our hotel, Riverside Majestic at Astana
This city in Sarawak is more than just a city of cats; it is home to plenty of street art to gawk at and marvel over. Whereas the Ayala walkway in our Makati CBD is slowly but surely getting taken over by ceiling murals, the buildings in Kuching are unabashedly turned into larger than life canvasses that depict local life, interesting slices of life, or recurring themes like the iconic hornbill and of course, cats (well Kuching sounds like the Filipino "kuting" or kitten, after all). 

"Harmony" mural, Tanah Arku series at Wayang Street

We didn't have a lot of time to wander in and out of the city alleys as we were sharing a week-long sojourn to Eastern Malaysia with a trip to Mulu but here are some we've seen and marveled at. These murals are tourist attractions by themselves, where a detour into a side street or back alley can yield an interesting piece of art, a mirror of the city's creative soul.
"Menua Kitai" mural on Wayang Street, on the frontage of The Marian lodging house
Our city guide, Margaret, points to a lovely mural by famed muralist, Leonard Siaw
Not really a mural but interesting 3d facade art of Radioman travel
Another mural by Leonard Siaw


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