Thursday, July 16, 2020

PLDT Makati Wilderness Murals: Call of the Wild in the City

Tarsier and egret decorate the corner facing Dela Rosa street
It's refreshing to see colorful murals adorning the facade of the PLDT building wing along Ayala Avenue in lieu of the standard painted walls.  The murals are not visible along Ayala per se but on the side of Dela Rosa and the passage way cutting through the two PLDT buildings leading to the access stairway to the walkway headed to Landmark/SM eastwards and Makati Med to the west.
The tamaraw gets a futuristic look
An acquaintance working for PLDT commented in an FB post that it took three weeks to complete, seemingly materializing out of nowhere, largely unnoticed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, which has kept most people away from their work spaces.
Another hornbill "perched" on the wall
There were tamaraws, hornbills, tarsiers, herons, egrets, buffaloes, deer, and other native species representing a cross section of our wealth of wilderness fauna.  Maybe, in more "normal" times, this can form an informative walking tour for kids and adults alike who would want to see and hear the story of how wealthy we really are in the natural realm.
The murals first caught my eye in my first foray to the CBD since the announcement of the lockdown.  The hornbill mural on the western wall caught my eye, standing right across from Perea Street where a favorite coffee place, Mom and Tina's, is located.
Crow on buffalo
It's only natural that a bird mural will catch the eye of a birder.  For someone who has seen most of these animals in their natural habitat, the murals would surely bring a smile of recognition; for city slickers who have yet to venture out there and seek these, they could be nice introductions to what's out there, waiting to be discovered and explored (not exploited).  Taken another way, this could also be a reminder for us that if we are not careful, murals like these would be the only reminder we would have left of wealth we keep squandering in the present, only a memory for the next generation to study and learn from.
Hornbill mural on the west-facing wall


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