Friday, March 11, 2022

The Rainbow Bridge, Milo & A Mystical Mystery

One of the painful realities of street fostering is the potential premature loss of one's wards.  Let me be very honest -- it never gets any easier.  So when Nanay over at the tricycle station told me that my daily kalaro, Milo, has gone over the rainbow bridge, I wanted to bawl right there and then.  I just had to keep my wits about since my other fosters have to eat their dinner. After two days, I had the composure to talk with Nanay more about it and found out that Milo fought on but she released him knowing he's in pain.  A day after Milo passed, the wife of one of Nanay's children experienced premature labor on her eighth month.  Her son had to choose whom to keep alive and the choice boiled down to the wife.  But the baby fought on and survived. Makes one wonder whether these events were linked to each other...

Now, the concept of animals sacrificing themselves for their humans is not confined to the Philippine setting.  I've recently read about a similar account in Denise Linn's FB (she's of Native American descent, a healer whom I've first encountered after researching on space clearing work, particularly the book "Sacred Space") and the belief seems to be shared among many cultures around the world.  Was Milo's passing merely coincidental?  Or is it a magical, mystical occurrence?  Well, some NDE accounts like the ones that hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon and Dr. Brian Weiss tell us of pets who greet their humans on the higher planes so I'm not really skeptical of the possibilities.  A lot of things dismissed as myths, old wives' tales, and similar pejorative terms, are turning out to be real so...

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