Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Shifting Perspectives: Time To Start Believing

Og Poster • Photo attribution: Senjuti Kundu | Unsplash
Image: Simon & Schuster
The first time I saw this quote from the late Bob Proctor, I was dumbstruck. It's an inversion of the popular quote "Seeing is believing."  In the field of metaphysics, things can be the reverse of the 3d world -- where things we bring to manifestation starts with the unsee-able belief.  It's sort of the popular quote from the Kevin Costner movie, "Field of Dreams" -- if you build it, they will come.  As quantum physics teach us, time in the higher dimensions is non-linear.  I've even read it in Lynne Mctaggart's wonderful book, The Intention Experiment, that researchers have actually tested whether the future can affect the past and have actual proof that this is the case (termed retro-causal effect).  Wild, isn't it?  I digress but I guess you get the point.

In any case, it took me a lifetime to change my thinking about a lot of things -- religion included -- but it's well and good that I did.  And I'm still learning.  It's never too late to learn, to make changes, as well as accept new truths. It's not easy as the exercise often entails going against the grain, the thinking espoused in mainstream and social media but you know in your gut that the truth needs uncovering. I pray that your path to enlightenment become illuminated with truth and that your wildest manifestations come true.


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