Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Shifting Perspectives: The Art Of Magick

We often forget that we are magickal beings (the k intentionally put there to set it apart from stage magic).  We search for divinity outside of ourselves and we forget that each one of us carries a spark of the Divine.  I'm guilty of this as well.  My tumultuous journey from last year took a mental, spiritual, and emotional toll on me apart from the physical. To be honest, I'm still searching for the path back to believing in my own magick.

It does seem strange that my Tarot deck keeps telling me I'm on my way to better things and the 3D world doesn't reflect it. Several times, it came to a point when I unsubscribed to mystical channels on YT, especially those touching on Law of Attraction and the other related laws. It's also baffling to keep receiving the short end of things. I digress. Eminent magickian, Donald Michael Kraig, reminds us that we embody magick. The conjuring, the rituals, the summoning, the spells, are for the most part, a way to convince ourselves that we are magickal if we believe in our true nature. Seems simple and easy but like that deceivingly-simple question of 'Who am I?," it's taking a lifetime to do. And I'm a magickal work in progress.


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