Thursday, March 25, 2004

Feeling bookish

The irony of working in the Makati-Greenbelt area is that I really seldom go to the shops around the mall. Case in point: the Books for Less shop right where that old Thai resto used to be.  It was only yesterday, on a whim, when I, with my boss and an officemate, ventured inside.  Okay pala siya. Too bad, it was late in the day, but we can have coffee sana while browsing and perusing the selections.

It's a nice concept, much like in the old days when the Thomas Jefferson library was around. You're pretty much free to even sit on the floor and read. and no one will even give you a wary look. Ended up using my next day's lunch money to finally buy my own copy of Rick Warren's The Purpose-Driven Life.  So it looks like, I'm going to spend my next 39 days starting the day with a meditation -- something I really would like to do quite a long time ago. 

Anyway, thank God for graces, I got a freelance project from out of the blue (coincidence?). As I'm writing this, just found out we won the Smart portals project in a 3-way bid against Saatchi & DDB (yahoo!). Looks like busy days ahead of us but who's to complain. Basta, am taking it one day at a time. Am looking forward to playing tonight lalo na my badminton buddies are egging me on (Boyet, DenDen from out of the blue). Am still sore from my workout with Christian Tuesday so cardio-badminton day muna today.

Back to books, am really committing myself to even just 30-minutes of reading everyday. This coming Holy Week, I plan to tackle book/s I haven't finished like that God of All Small Things. That is, before I go back to my ACE review. Funny thing about growing older is that sometimes, your memory gets rusty. It's true what they say, you gotta use it or lose it. So hurray for shops like Books for Less. They're truly a blessing at this time and age when people seem to watch more and read less (if they do read at all).

P.S.  I seem to be weird. I love the pain that goes with working out. I love to read. I seem to be going the opposite direction the world is going. But I guess I've learned to accept that. _c")_

P.S. 2  One of my dreams is to establish a small used book library of sorts to cater to less privileged people, especially children. They can read and listen to music, get exposed to things they might not otherwise, have access to. Hmmm, food for thought for the day!


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