Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Looking forward to the Holy holidays

Like it or not, a lot of people look forward to the Holy Week to get their minds off the humdrum of everyday living. Well, I want to be able to meditate longer next week. And also squeeze in a lot of things I wasn't able to do all these time. Like cleaning the car. Cleaning the house. Fixing the closet. Reading for hours. Watching The Last Samurai on DVD. Playing badminton with friends. My favorite person in the bank said next Wednesday isn't a holiday. Well, from the looks of things, mukhang we have to go to work anyway so it isn't surprising we have to go (trudge) to the office come Wednesday.

Got a headache from last night pa, so am really looking forward to working out tonight, overtime or no overtime. Last Monday's workout with fellow trainer, Christian, is, as usual, great. My legs feel sore in places it's never been sore in a long, long time. Looks like I have to revamp my workout anew. But it feels great to tweak my program. One of the nice thing about maturing (ehem) is figuring out new things to increase the intensity without necessarily going bonkers with the weights. Gaining better balance, strengthening core strength, optimizing endurance -- those are important things that make up for a more balanced workout.

One important learning is that to each person his own kind of workout. I am continually surprised by guys in the gym who heave heavier weights than I do and take supplements like whey, but have little to show for it. Not that I'm bragging, but it seems, heavy weights are not just the answer. Controlling the weight is more like it. I'm still working on a stronger mind-muscle link but that mindfulness thing makes a lot of sense. Arnold Schwarzeneger said it decades ago and I ought to learn from him.

Another important thing to note is that working out in a mature manner takes a lot of effort and realization plus acceptance. Christian and I were talking about it while walking home from the gym the other night.A s one gets stronger, it's harder and harder to accept our weaknesses. But it's not surprising to observe that this buffed celebrity guy in the gym (am not going to drop names here) isn't working his legs at all. Not a blind item, but his chiseled upper body is just jaw-dropping great. But you'll never see him train legs. Ditto with celebrity hunk #2 who hosts a sports show on a popular channel. It seems a lot of people miss the point of becoming strong overall not because you're just plain vain but because it's the healthy thing to do. Good thing I'm not their trainer. Because I would simply refuse to train them if that were the case.

Well, fitness and training is still an evolving thing. Good thing I love training or else, I would've acquiesced to people's unsolicited advice about quitting training. Some other people call it vanity maybe out of ignorance or envy. But I call it good stewardship. Hey, we're all gonna pass away someday but I guess the good Lord will most likely ask us how we took care of these bodies He loaned us. And I don't wanna answer i didn't try. Something to ponder upon this coming Holy Week.

P.S.  My longtime stretching article got published in the BCMI site only late last week. Hmmm, I wish my fitness career takes off. I'm really eager to train people again and practice all this learning.

P.S. 2 - Got an offer to do sideline work for a popular presidential candidate but turned it down right away.  It's out of my principle. got negative comments about my decision from some quarters but my two close friends backed up my decision. Anyway, it's a conscience decision. Bahala na si Lord about this. But I'm glad, I got paid right away for another project, kahit na maliit lang. Thanks a lot Lord!

P.S. 3 - Our Monday's back-to-back-to-back superset leg workout - 6 exercises, 3 sets each, 8-15 reps in 25-30 minutes tops:
• Leg curls (135 lbs) superset w/ adduction (150 lbs)
• Leg presses (360 lbs) superset w/ abduction (150 lbs)
• Stiff-legged deadlifts (135 lbs) superst w/ seated calf raises (110 lbs)


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