Thursday, April 1, 2004

Health concern at the badminton courts

It was somehow shocking to hear that one of our morning kalaro at BCMI passed away yesterday while playing. Joey is still young, I think in his early or mid-40s. But then again, one can never be too young or old for a heart attack. This brings to the surface some concerns about being fit to play. A lot of people, or rather, most people just jump into the game without any consent from the doctor. heck, some people even think that badminton is a lame exercise requiring little effort (I even read it in one pa-upscale magazine that the pa-sosyal columnist is mystified by the sport's popularity, thinking the sport is a non-sport). Well, that can be a fatal assumption.

Anyway, one other thing that complicates playing now is the stifling heat.
It is an added burden to the heart which has to work harder to pump blood to the vessels underneath the skin to regulate body temperature. This can be very hard for the heart, coupled with the exertion demanded by the intensity of the game.

What can be done to avoid mishap on the court? Proper hydration is crucial. the idea is to take in 6-8 ounces of water before a game, 4-6 ounces every 15 minutes of playing, and another 6-8 ounces after the game. Warming up is also essential, to bring the heart up to the task, and to raise body temp incrementally so as not to task the heart. Cooling down is also valuable. Also, to quit playing if the day proves to be too hot for comfort.

Anyway, back to work. Got tons of things to do. Sigh,
I really look forward to next week and even just a full day of doing nothing much.


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