Friday, April 2, 2004

Working, working out

While some people have opted to take leave and go on vacation this early, we're still in the office awaiting new job orders. On hindsight, it can be a blessing since going on vacation with the rest of the city slickers can be more stressful (ever notice how we often come out of an out-of-town vacation feeling more tired?). And costly. One other thing I don't relate to is this wanting to simulate the city's conveniences at your destination. Why else leave the city if you want your air conditioning, your karaoke, your home theater, with you everywhere you go?

Looks like tomorrow will be another working Saturday. But I intend to play badminton first in the morning. I really miss playing. and besides,
I'll be out the whole day Sunday on our CPR seminar. I wish I can attend the more comprehensive First-Aid seminar one of these days.

Anyway, my Wed 45 minute workout left me a bit sore. And it goes like this:
- all exercises, 8-15 reps, 50-70% of 1repmax
• Straight arm rope pulldowns superset with wide-grip pullups
• Double dumbbell rows superset with weighted back extensions
• Seated rows superset with high pulls
• Bodyweight dips superset with decline flyes
• Barbell curls superset with dumbbell hammer curls

Had to go back to the office that night so had to forego ball crunches and hip thrusts.
Looking forward to my light day, higher rep workout tonight _c")_


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