Monday, April 5, 2004

Sunday at U.P.

Am kinda wonked out (apologies to willy wonka) from yesterday's whole day CPR seminar at U.P.  But it was fun.A m really glad it was Raul who conducted the session. Sobrang nakakatawa.  If he were a personal trainer, he would really make a fortune. Kung komedyante, he'll give those piputsuging comedians a run for their money. 

It was also nice to keep in touch with fellow trainers (kahit na napaka-recreational trainer ko) and somehow help convince the others to take the ACE exams. Made new acquaintances din which is nice din, somehow, hindi naman ako out of touch with the real world out there. My only regret is that the 8am-930pm session made me miss Mass. Lapit pa naman ng chapel sa Bahay ng Alumni. Anyway, have to call mom within the day. And sana, I can go to B2's despedida dinner at Fat Michaels by 8. Let's see.


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