Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Lance Armstrong and other legends

The 6th championship of Lance Armstrong is very, very inspirational. A cancer survivor who went on to win the grueling Ttour de France not once but six times goads one to keep on trying, even against the odds. Saw his 2nd book in Powerbooks recently and all of a sudden, I just wanna take a deeper peek into the life of this legend, who at the lowest point of his health and life, went on to the peak of athletic success. It is mind-boggling and forgive my redundancy, deeply inspiring for us mere mortals. I, myself, am still looking for an avenue to try and see where my genetics and athletic potential can best serve me. Even at my age, I am still looking forward to the challenge, thanks to people like lance and to my Creator for my health.

The difficulties of being an athlete is lost in many people. One of my favorite Brazilian volleyball player, Leila Barros, recently just got cut from the Athens team after playing for the country's colors since 1991-92.  It's a fact of life -- athletes do slow down, go past their peak and prime. It's hard to think what people who've made sports their life, their living, would do after their playing career is over. More so with women who really need to take a significant amount of time to marry and have children, and then try to get back to their physical best again. Anyway, this is an entirely different matter.

To lance, and Leila, a toast to your inspiration.


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