Monday, July 26, 2004

Mind spin

Got a complimentary Holosync CD in the mail Sat night and it was so timely. Being tired and sleepy from overnight work Friday and chores to be done Sat, I welcome anything that can help relax me, including my regular rubdown at Don Bosco (thanks Mang Joe!).  I've heard of this technology before, it says that separate stimuli given to the left and right side ears help bring one to a deep state of meditation.

I was a bit skeptical when I saw the Centerpoint Research Institute site but after like three hearings, I'm a believer.  You bet, I'm going to read more about it in the coming days. The demo is 20 minutes long, and it's like being transported to an "altered" state. Without much effort, deep, trance-like relaxation sets in as the sounds of pelting rain and crystal balls being struck as if in random, seep into the headphones. It's literally mind-blowing. Technology as a meditation aid?  I'm not a science-rat but this one works for me.

P.S.  Anyone who wants a piece of this great find can go to The demo CD is free and shipped within 2-3 weeks, again, free of charge.

P.S.  2 - 13 going on 30 is mindless fun. Anyone who enjoyed 80s music is bound to like it, not to mention admire Jennifer Garner as the kooky teen who went from 13 to 30 in a heartbeat. On the other hand, Godsend is a waste of Robert de Niro's talents; not at all scary, not at all good. What a hyped-up blurb on the cover!

P.S. 3 - Thanks Pareng Vince for visiting my blog.  I'm considering putting in pics if and when I find the time to reconfigure. Talked to D2 about it and hopefully, will be able to pull it off. See ya and the tropa soon!


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