Saturday, July 24, 2004

Thanks thanks thanks

1am. We're still in the office, awaiting word from client. It's been a very long day. Good thing I got to work out first thing in the morning. But so many chores await -- the car tire that needs to be replaced, procuring my car's registration in Q.C., cleaning up (overdue already), looking for my CPR certificate for my ACE certification, etc., etc.

But lest my mind be overtaken by tiredness and frustration, I look at the bright side of things. Like my Nokia 6230 arrived midweek and I'm happy tinkering with a new toy, hehehe. And some good news at work. And in my narcoleptic state of mind right now, I'm inspired and so very thankful for this piece sent by my mind masseuse, Maya Frost, submitted by Denise in Cincinnati, Ohio, and I quote it:

"I put the windows down, turn off the radio. I take the time to look around and see the world as beautiful as it is. I'm not on a rural beautiful road, I'm on a highway, but even it is beautiful. I see the clouds, the tips of trees, birds and even busy traffic. I hear the breeze and feel the sun. I take a moment to see the people rushing around in their lives and I imagine what is on their minds. A car cuts in front of me, I empathize that they must have somewhere important to be - maybe a sick child at home. I am in no hurry, I'll get to where I need to be in due time. Life is very clear, although busy and not perfect - it is wonderful just as it is. I am able to put all my stresses into perspective - work is work, problems come and they go, but it is my work and I enjoy it. My family goes through its ups and downs, but even that is wonderful - it is part of MY life. Rather than looking at pieces of my life, I see it as a whole and I like what I see."

Reading it lifts up my spirits, cutting through my tiredness, my fatigue, my sleepiness. Thank you Lord for mindful moments. And please let me not forget I have a lot to be thankful for. Like friends who don't forget (you know who you are people!).

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