Thursday, July 1, 2004

Movies: Of Johnny Dep and taking it slow for now

Well, one thing I'm certain of is that I'm no machine. Been thinking and moving a bit slower today. Must be all that overtime work, so many days in a row. not to complain though, but I just have to slack it off. Ok back workout today. Okay leg workout the other day.  I'm putting in exercise time every time I can. I can't really go for long without my workout. Am really looking forward to playing again Sat, and sana, on Sunday, without the distractions of work. I'm still writing and proofreading as of this moment, but I welcome the idea of sleeping and resting. and a chest workout tomorrow.

Michael & I are speculating on the ACE results. As of now, it's only Ma'am Shirley's name that's been added to the site. Should I review for November na? Hmmm, I'd give it a week, then launch full-blast into studying again. Been surfing the internet for opportunities to get back to school even if just online. How I wish U.P. had an online program on Human Kinetics, Physical Ed. Perhaps, even if it's just an associate degree or certificate program. Oh well, online learning still hasn't really caught up in here...

P.S.  Secret window is a bummer. Was expecting a bit much since it's Johnny Dep in the lead. In a word, it's a "snore" not worth plunking your money or 1 1/2 hour for. Goodness, I could've slept more like his character in the movie.


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