Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bless you, bless me

It's a blessing to see my flickr site surpass the 4,000 visitors mark. But apart from the number of visitors, I'm humbled by some recent mails I got. Like Pinklaine who even invited me to her group. Or that note from Knoelle of Los Angeles. I really thought someone marked 200 of my pictures, most of them of my Camiguin trip, as a joke. It turns out that Knoelle's maternal ancestors hail from there, so my pictures sort of took him to a sentimental journey he has yet to take. Remarkable! Or a letter from a lady whose relatives hail from Batanes. Grabe. It's amazing how simple things like these can touch lives. Which reminds me of the real purpose of my flickr & blog - to show people how rich and amazingly diverse the Philippines is. If I can just reach out to even one person, then I'm happy. So getting three is a very happy development. Bless you my newfound friends. I will keep on posting interesting pics from all over. Promise.


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