Monday, June 26, 2006

Soulsearching back to Pinatubo

Two weeks after losing friends on the same trail, we found ourselves back on the Porac trail where dreams and friendships were swept away by a freak vortex of water. The sun was shining when we started but not without the threat of a shower. The breeze reeked of impending rain. But the weather held. After all, didn't the Gospel reading for the day stated that Jesus is the God of the winds, the seas, of nature? Opening my mini Bible, the story that greeted my eyes was that of Jesus raising Lazarus. If it wasn't divine intervention, I don't know what else is.C oupled with being offered a rosary by an old woman at the Sto. Rosario church which we used to pray with. The rains waited until we finished what we came here for, offering two decades of the rosary, candles and flowers for York and Bjorn. Two friends gone too soon but will never be forgotten.T wo companions on the road of life, now our permanent companions on every mountain we will climb from hereon.


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