Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Barasoain bisita

Bblurry-eyed from lack of sleep, woke up at 4.30am last Saturday to join D2 & B2 for our first out-of-town foto shoot in ages. Boy, do I miss these trips. time was when we'd do one almost every month back when we were point-and-shooters. Ironic that when we graduated to DSLRr's, we seldom do these OOTFS. 

Anyway, our Barasoain trip was cool. Haven't been to Bulacan in ages (funny, because my late father hails from Baliwag). The church is majestic, even though it is smaller than we imagined it. Inspite of its size, it reeks of history (as with most really old churches) so much so that if the walls could talk, they would regale us with volumes of stories -- of wars, revolutions, births and deaths, comings and goings. it pays to visit this and other monuments to our history so we can never forget to learn from our past. 

Tips for would-be visitors: It's best to drop by early in the morning to avoid the rush of field-trippers. For fotogs: the church faces the east (as most churches do) so the facade renders well in the morning. For silhouette shots, try visiting at sunset time.


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