Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Weighty matters

My head's been under the clouds for sometime now which explains why it's taking me ages to write a post or two. Yeah, work is toxic again.B ut more than that, there'd been weighty matters on my mind. At times, I'm tempted to hide under a rock and wait for eternity to pass (hahaha) But hey, I guess life goes on.  

If it's any consolation, I have the gym as a comforting place. I don't know, exercise and working out have been my solace especially when the matters of the world weigh down on me. Others seek comfort in food, other stuff, but I take it out on the weights.S o perhaps, it's time to give something back to my other sport. One thing that takes my attention away is my other life outside of work, outside of being the eternal nice guy, the favorite kuya - I channel my aggression in the gym. I'm lucky I'm in good company, having "heavyweights" as "mentors" and friends, encouraging me to keep on. as the captures show, andyan sila Rene (Dio) and Dondon (Cortuna), among others.

Last Sunday, it was payback time as i took time off to lend support to my brothers in iron at the national powerlifting meet. At times, I'm tempted to step into the sport or something related to it. Who knows, one day soon, I just might. The weighty matters still bear heavily on my mind but more often than not, you'll see me toiling away in the gym after work.


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