Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Siquijor - Coco loco over Coco Grove

Coco Grove is one of the more upscale resorts up in San Juan, on the southern part of Siquijor island. It's got all the ingredients of a quintissential tropical beach -- white sands, tall coconut trees swaying in the breeze, turquoise waters. There were quite a handful of people to make the beach a bit noisy in a pleasant sort of way. The way I see it, San Juan is for the more outgoing tourist, while Larena-Sandugan is ideal for the meditative, reclusive tourist like me.


Anonymous said...

as always i am wowed by the pics of the places you visit. places i didn't have the chance to go to when i was there. ang ganda sobra. and it seems so peaceful. i love the pic of that rickety-looking bridge leading to the mangrove.

Eric said...

The last time I went to Coco Groove was 1992 and it wasn't that beautiful yet...these pictures tells everything that the resort is improving.

Anonymous said...

hayy sana me beach na ganitong kaganda na malapit lang sa maynila... =)

lagal[og] said...

lori, i hope that sharing these captures can somehow make me sort of share the experience with you :-)

eric, it's really one nice place. (expensive, too)

carlotta, i think kaya ganito siya kaganda, malayo siya kasi :-)

AnneMac said...

The 3-hour drive to San Juan is worth it. Next time try La Luz (a bit cheaper). I hear Virgin Beach is also beautiful (a bit more expensive). I love Coco Grove I think you get value for your money.

San Juan is the nearest province for decent beaches.

Sigh. I miss the beach.

lagal[og] said...

hi anne! this coco grove is in siquijor :-) just came from there during the long weekend ksi

Photowalker said...

Wonderful shot. Tropical Paradise talaga. The place looks so peaceful.


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