Monday, October 15, 2007

Of Aswangs, Tiyanaks and Mananambals

It didn't occur to me until today that our trip to Dumaguete-Ssiquijor coincides with all souls' day. Not that I'm scared or anything. In fact, I look forward to it, especially the night shoots, hehehe, especially since my Moleskine planner says there's a quarter moon on Nov. 1. Nope, I didn't grow up with on trick or treating but rather on tales of mambabarangs, aswangs, tiyanaks and other creatures of local folklore. Everytime I tell people I'm going to Siquijor, they just always ask, totoo ba ang kulam? Totoo ba ang mga mambabarang o mananambal (as they call them in Siquijor).I 'm not about to say they're true although I'm not inclined to say they're false either.I 've had many experiences with the supernatural but I'd rather keep them to myself. Image of the Salagdoong Forest in Siquijor


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