Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Iloilo - Guimaras trip Day 2 - Gearing up for Guimaras

The sunrise was not as glorious as we expected it to be at the aplaya of Miag-ao but we still woke up early. After bath and breakfast, we had to say goodbye to our overnight host, si Tita Linda. I promise to be back. We briefly stopped at Guimbal enroute to Iloilo City. 

We ventured to faraway Tatoy's for a not-to-be-missed lunch. It was as good as Jens Peters wrote it (maybe even better). On a full stomach, it was tempting to doze off if it weren't for our crossing to Guimaras. Landing in Jordan well after lunch, we found out that most of the townsfolk are home early on Sundays after the "tinda" or morning market session so there was practically no multicab vehicle plying the Jordan-San Joaquin route. It was a stroke of serendipity that Larry took us in and drove us all the way past San Joaquin, into the very rough roads to the Sabang coast. The one hour trip takes one through many fields planted to mango trees as well as roads that punishes the hardiest vehicle. 

TIP:  Iloilo-guimaras boat rides cost P11/pax; trip takes 15-20 minutes • To go to  Nagarao: on a regular day, one can ride the multicab vehicle to San Joaquin, then take another ride to sabang to head for Nagarao island off the southern tip of the mainland. It is advisable to travel in the morning as most multicabs go home early after just 2-3 trips


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