Friday, March 28, 2008

Picture featured! The OP edition encore

The first time it happened way back a month ago, I was ecstatic. The second time around, I'm very proud to click on Outdoor Photographer online and see two places in the Philippines represented in the Readers' Gallery. It is truly a privilege to somehow help promote these places to a global audience. Especially considering that Siquijor, much less Sandugan, gets little publicity, if it gets any at all. Thank you once again to Outdoor Photographer for this opportunity, and of course to the Man Upstairs. also to Ironwulf, whom I remember was scurrying back with me to sandugan to catch the only decent sunset we were able to capture during last year's Siquijor trip.

PS:  What do you know, it's a back-to-back treat because the OP home page carried my Coron capture as well. I must admit I got a kick out of it but more than personal pride, I'm mighty proud that these two places merited being featured in this international online site. If it makes a tourist take a second look at the Philippines, I'm happy.


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