Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rhapsody in Roxas

Was supposed to head off overseas for the Holy Week but fate and circumstances (finances, for one) made me change course to a local destination. It’s a price I have to pay for my most recent camera upgrade but what the hey, no use crying over spilt milk.

I’ve always had a curiosity for off-the-beaten track destinations and this time, it became an opportunity to slake this thirst.C apiz has always held a fascination for me, akin to my curiosity for Siquijor. Perhaps it was time to pay this province a visit. Was supposed to go solo on this trip but it was a happy development that Red tagged along. It’s interesting to see what I can learn from this portraitist friend who shoots celebrities when not capturing great architecture or food images.

Having something like 5-6 days on my hand, I also wanted to balance shooting with downtime. Really wanted to enjoy this trip since I declared a two-month moratorium for out-of-towners to save up for a solo backpack overseas trip in June. And why wouldn't I? The weather was greatly improved from just a week ago. Got a reprieve from work. My backpack's packed and I'm ready to go. (Image details: sandy shore of Pan-ay beach, west of Roxas City) 

Travel info: Cebu Pacific flies to Roxas daily. Travel time is approx. 45 minutes • Ceres buses emanating from Cubao also go to Roxas on 18-hour trips with stopovers at Mindoro and Kalibo.


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