Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roxas trip, Day 1 – Coasting along in Baybay

The first afternoon found us literally coasting the afternoon away in Baybay, the coastal barangay which is a popular haunt among locals. Maybe, it was the hefty lunch of oysters, grilled pusit and pork (the oysters are really cheap, P25 for a big mound). Maybe, it was the lack of sleep. Or the afternoon heat. But we felt the impulse to laze the afternoon away. Heck, I wasn’t that hot about shooting yet but seeing the kids of Baybay frolicking and playing around in the wonderful late afternoon sun inspired me to follow Red’s lead and shoot some keepers. The kids were a revelation, they were naturals, needing no prompting or much prodding. 

I had an epiphany right there on the papag why Red was my travel buddy for this trip – I’m an avowed landscapist and not much of a portrait shooter, having reservations about intruding on people’s privacy or risk exploiting others. But this one turned out to be one fun afternoon.A nd I guess it shows in the captures. This inspires me to take more people shots in future trips. Thanks Pareng Red!


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