Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roxas trip, Day 2 – Onwards to Ivisan

Having a fellow photographer-acquaintance in Roxas was a heaven-sent thing. Hannibal, who’s a member of the Panay shooters, played gracious host and took us on a mountain overlooking Roxas City and later on, all the way to Ivisan. 

The Fortuner groaned as the tires negotiated the rocky, dirt road leading to this fishing town with a good beach, about 1.5 hours away east of Roxas City. I was silently cringeing in the backseat because this is really way too much for our newfound friend to take us to. but I guess it was worth it because even in the hotness of the afternoon, we stumbled upon a nice strip of beach. and more friendly people and kids to shoot to boot.

It’s a bummer we had to leave at 3pm if we want to get back to the city. It would’ve been nice to catch the fading sun over there. Maybe next time. The bumpy one hour ride reminded me of my Cordillera trips, but with more dust as this is the dry season. A bit caked with dust, with a few bumps on the head, we were all-smiles as we headed for home.


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