Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roxas trip, Day 3 – Catching the breeze in Casanayan

We decided to explore outside the city boundaries by ourselves so we set our sights on Casanayan, a fishing village west of Roxas. the L300 vans set out from Albar, a short tricycle ride away from city center. From Albar, the van takes one to roads fringed with rice fields upon rice fields. After an hour, we’re in Pilar to catch a 30-minute motorcycle ride through densely-forested areas before we saw the shores of Casanayan. Perhaps, it was the compounding of tiredness during the last couple of days that I didn’t shoot as much as the previous days. But it was nice to talk to the locals and at times, just sit on the boulders on the other side of the beach and watch the clouds and the day go by.

By lunchtime, we felt the intense noon sun drain our energies so we repaired to the first eatery that caught our fancy. What we stumbled upon was a foodie’s dream come true – the tastiest, the most delicious batchoy we’ve ever tasted. Even when we took turns shooting the batchoy, the chicharon/pork rind bits were still crunchy, the noodles firm to the bite and the soup stock very tasty to the last drop.

Just like in Ivisan, we had to leave around 2.30-3 so we can catch the trip back to Roxas. But not after making a side trip to the famous Maria Santa, the body of Maria Besanes who passed away in the 1930s but continues to defy natural laws by refusing to succumb to decay. Out of respect, we decided to put away our cameras and offered prayers instead.


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