Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roxas trip, Day 4 – Joining the Good Friday rites

Downtime day is downtown day -- the day we allotted for just lazing around. no sunrise or sunset to watch out for. Rather, we moved around the city plaza, devoid of much people during our first few days but now filled to the seams with a sea of humanity. Kids, teens, parents, lolos and lolas – Capizeños turned in droves, whether to join the Good Friday rites or simply to hang around with friends and family. Finding somewhere to eat turned out to be a tricky game as all establishments are closed (most businesses outside Manila take the friday off during the Holy Week) so we ended up eating at Halaran (a relief!)

We attempted to make a short trip to the Moro tower but in a comic turn of events, most people in Barangay Nipa didn’t know where it is so we ended up in a tower alright – the Smart tower, hahaha.


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