Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Batanes • Goin' loco over Coco Crabs

Another prized delicacy in Batanes is the tatus crab. Also called Coconut Crab because of its propensity of climbing the local coconut palm for a taste of its fruit, it is not everyday fare mainly due to its princely sum -- P600 per kilo. Looking menacing alive, it turns a lovely brown color when cooked. The pincers are especially valued for its meat while the middle part is full of very rich, very creamy fat, termed as aligue in the vernacular. In my three trips to the islands, this marked the first time I got a taste of this crab (many thanks to Batanes Cultural Travel Agency) though I only had a little bit of the fat because it was so rich,  I can almost feel my cholesterol levels spiking.


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