Monday, July 21, 2008

Batanes • See food

Surrounded by all that water (the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean), one presumes the Ivatans have fish as part of their staple diet. our guide, Mang Romy Merida, laments though that canned fish such as sardines are very popular in these parts. Could it be satiation? Maybe. Because while such delicacies as dibang (flying fish) and dorado (dolphin fish or mahi-mahi) are prized by outsiders, these are considered as rather common fare over there. It's like one time we ventured to General Santos in search of a restaurant serving tuna and found out that the locals actually preferred pork and other meats. Another curiosity we discovered was the fact that the Ivatans commonly use yellow fin tuna as bait for the bigger fishes. Our head spinned over the prospect of snatching that yellow fin tuna bait and eating it ourselves instead.


escape said...

yellow fin pa talaga. pambihira. i also remembered when we were in butuan, the people who hosted a lunch for that day prepared the typical meat food instead of the sea food that we're craving. they were thinking that we might not want sea food since we came from manila.

lagal[og] said...

naku dom, sawa na rin sila sa huli nilang mga isda kaya usually, hindi na rin nila insini-serve sa mga bisita. we were aghast nga to find out that the yellow fin we here in manila pay for an arm and a leg is just usual fish bait over there


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