Sunday, July 6, 2008

On assignment in Batanes • Day 1

We toured Batan for an ocular as soon as we deposited our bags at Shanedel’s Inn and caught our breath. The destinations are still familiar to me – Naidi Hills, Viang, Valugan Windmills, Mahatao, Imnajbu, Songsong, Uyugan, Ivana and San Vicente. Whew!  My companions on the trip, the Seair team, may have had a hard time even remembering the name of the places because of the rigorous sked. Post dinner, my art director, Jocas, and i went night-shooting at Naidi Hills where the iconic lighthouse is located. Funny thing is, we got lost in the darkness of the massive power outage and first ended up in the town cemetery.  Image details: the rolling terrain of Chamantad in Sabtang island serves as grazing areas for nimble-footed goats.


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