Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sagada: Faces on the road

One of the fringe benefits of going on a road trip is seeing new faces, meeting new people, observing how people can look and behave differently and yet see something familiar, something similar in how you and I appear and act.It is here when the trip, which is no doubt long (taking up most of the day), becomes as interesting as the destination itself. It's like peeking into other people's ways of life and walking away with a fresh insight in a way that no travel or reference book can provide you. It's realizing that in the haste of our city life, there exist a world out there that is simpler, more laidback, but no less important. I can look back to a time when I was an armchair traveler, poring into travel books and watching travel shows, wondering why people would want to race after crowded buses, full planes and overloaded ships on holidays. Looking at the faces of people I meet, I now understand how much I was missing then.
So, from fingers itching to switch channels on the remote or leaf through books, I went to scratching my itchy feet and feeding my wandering spirit. Lately, I've gotten comments from new visitors to this blog that inspires me to go on. It feels good to know that I've been an inspiration to others to discover this country and know its people on a deeper level. I remind myself (as I need being reminded often) that this is what this blog is all about.


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