Friday, November 28, 2008

Marinduque: Looking for Paadjao Falls but finding Kawa Kawa instead

My buddy, Ironwulf, was here in marinduque years ago and tells us about this beautiful falls called paadjao. Lantaw and I were only eager to see this spectacle and having a hired jeep at our disposal, we thought we would be able to do so. Tough luck as our driver and the locals in Sta. Cruz weren't able to tell us exactly how to find it. Later on, we found out it was located merely 15-20 minutes away from Boac, in Mogpog. Oh well, seems like a nice incentive for us to go back for.

It's not the first time it happened to me anyway. When i was in Camiguin years back, none of the locals I approached was able to tell me where the old Moro watchtower was in Guinsiliban. In Roxas this last summer, the locals led us to the Smart tower instead of the Moro watch tower. It certainly seems a case of lack of coordination between the local tourism group and the locals. but I digress.
I'm happy to share this very tranquil scenes from Kawa Kawa falls in Brgy. Bangkuangan in Sta. Cruz. The falls are approximately an hour's drive away from Gasan where we found our homebase and is accessible via tricycle or jeepney from the main road. The main basin is called Kawa-Kawa, after the vernacular for wok or deep frying pan.T here are several dramatic cascades surrounding the falls although personally, I wish the people left the falls in its most natural states as the development detracted from the look of the falls. An entrance fee of P5.00 is charged for the upkeep of the place which can benefit from less trash from its visitors.


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