Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Marinduque: Churches old and beautiful

People who know me know I have this penchant for churches. specifically old churches. Maybe it's because it's an earthly connection to the Divine. Maybe it's because the stones, the glass, the wood all have been witness to decades, nay, centuries of history. We found some in our very short trip to Marinduque but some are relatively new or renovated not quite to their old glory. So I'm choosing three from several we encountered along the way.
The church in Boac, according to Wikipilipinas, was built in 1792. Its patron is the Holy Mother of Mercy. The church has historical significance; for one, the locals believed their patron saint rescued them from the Moro attack in the 18th century. The Katipunan flag was also blessed in this church in 1899.

The church is beautifully detailed, from the intricately-carved doors... the massive buttresses that call to mind those of another historical church, the one in Paoay, Ilocos Norte.The overcast conditions on our first day only gave me little impetus to shoot two of the churches we passed on our circuitous route from Torrijos to Gasan.The church in Santa Cruz is massive and magnificent. built in 1714, we find it impressive even in the very overcast conditions.t he brickwork looked solid and ready to withstand another century. incidentally, the locals look forward to celebrating 400 years of the town's Christianization this coming summer.

The other church that caught our eyes was the church of St. Ignatius in Torrijos. It wasn't the old church i really love to hang around in but we found the architecture different and interesting with a brick middle structure that sharply contrasts with the rest of the facade.We weren't able to take shots of the churches' respective altars as we came on a weekend and curiously, there were a succession of funeral rites in every church we went to. As humble photographers, we said our prayers, quickly exited and left the locals to their peace.  If you're looking to travel for cheaper, try looking at these coupons and discounts for Expedia!


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