Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marinduque: Island hopping to Gaspar

We set off to Gaspar Island, the only one inhabited among the Tres Reyes islands off Buenavista in Marinduque.T hough a mere 30-minute outrigger boat ride from our base of Gasan, Diego, the boatman we contracted for the trip may have found it hard to believe why any visitor would like to go there at 4am.T hough he arrived a bit late, we were able to catch the sunrise on the island.
Gaspar has a small fishing village community.E lectricity is fed via generator so there are only appointed times of the day when power is available. Drinking water is imported from the main island and the locals bring their clothes for laundering over to the mainland. The sandy bays are popular for swimming. During low tide, a long sandbar is exposed on the eastern side. the waters around this island are considered a marine sanctuary. 

Info on transport: Boats can be hired either from Gasan or Buenavista. We were charged P1,000 for the trip covering Gaspar Island.B oating around the other islands of Melchor and Balthazar would cost extra.


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