Saturday, November 22, 2008

Marinduque: Night falls over Gasan

The weather was alternating between sunny and overcast on our first day in Marinduque. Tired and craving for sleep, I was sluggish on the jeep we hired to go across the island in clockwise fashion, from Torrijos in the east down to Poctoy down south back to Pinggan in Gasan where we found our homebase in Club Marinduque. My shooting mood patterned itself after the fickle weather and thinking about it now, I could've shot more but well, Lagalog was moody and a bit brooding about the flat lighting and overcast conditions.

I wasn't really expecting much of the sunrise considering the weather and time of the year but the cloudy conditions turned out to be a blessing. The sunset and especially the night sky were to say the least, very dramatic. Having weathered the long trip going here as well as zipping through several towns in between naps in the hired jeepney, I wasn't really in the mood to shoot but these scenes are much too good to pass up. Even with the prospect of getting an hour less sleep since we were going island hopping to Gaspar at 4 the next morning.
Some notes: Jeepneys ply the route of Balanacan-Buenavista. • Jeeps can also be hired to go around the island, approx. P2,000/whole day • Tricycles can also be hired to go from town to town on special rates (haggle with the driver).


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