Friday, December 12, 2008

Camiguin: Another day, another falls

The rainy night gave way to another sunshiny morning. And the sunny morning flowed into a hot afternoon.O ur amiable boatman-guide, Jeffrey, found us lodging at the Islet Resort at San Roque town.I t is mere walking distance to the Benoni port which we find convenient as we planned to leave for Balingoan early the next day.

Islet Resort was spartan but the air conditioning was cold. The temptation to slack off was almost too much to resist. But it would be a pity to put the glorious afternoon to waste.

We've been to Katibawasan Falls on our first day so the lure of another falls, Tuasan, seem too good to pass up. Oh, how some of the locals dissuaded us as the trip entails rather long hiking over rough terrain. Through our habal driver-guide, Jun, we gassed up and made the over one hour trip to the town of Mainit. Honestly, the 45-minute walk under the blazing sun is not tiring at all. It's navigating through boulders with wulf's gear that scared me as it was too soon after my mishap at Katibawasan.

But with three young local lasses as our guides, we went through rocky paths, a forest, crossed a river stream and hiked through boulder-filled trails to find this beautiful, unspoiled falls. The falls might not have the 200 foot, dramatic drop of Katibawasan but it is, to my opinion, the more beautiful one.Going back to the jump-off trail before it got dark, we chose to make the hour-long trip to Mambajao, Camiguin's capital, for a rather fancy dinner of pizza and pasta at Rooftop. It's a nice, newly-opened spot that remains open long after the other shops close at 6pm, a nice way to cap our trip.

Tourist info: To get to Mainit, one can hire a habal (public motorcycle) for around P400.T he trip takes approximately an hour. The very rough road going to the jump-off means one has to make the 45min - 1 hour trip to the falls on foot. No special gear is needed but comfortable hiking footwear can help as well as plenty of drinking water.


Sidney said...

That is quite an adventure to see the waterfalls... but it seems it was worth the trip !

escape said...

sa gabi lng yata talaga kayo nakapagpahinga sa byaheng yan. kakalungkot pa rin isipin yung nangyari sa camera mo. gaano katagal mo na ba nagamit yon?

lagal[og] said...

ei sidney, it is worth the trip :)

dom, onga, halos sa gabi na lang kami talaga nakakapagpahinga. even then, nagkukwentuhan pa kami until late :D i'm trying hard not to think of my dslr na nowadays. all i dwell on now is that it has served me in good stead for a year or so. balitaan kita what happens to my photography next

Lantaw said...

45-minutes under the sun hike was all worth it, from the looks of the 1st image. ganda ng falls bai.

lagal[og] said...

bai, punta ka sa camiguin at kadaghan ka ma-shoot na falls :D

Oman said...

i thought iligan city and city of waterfalls, marami din pala sa camiguin. kahit isa lang jan mapuntahan ko solve na ko.

lagal[og] said...

oman, actually, there's another falls pero mas mahirap pang puntahan and we were short on vacation time. i hope you'll be able to visit kahit man lang nga isa sa mga ito. have a great time on monday :D

Xang said...

Is the falls for real? It is like a photo edited or more likely from wallpapers.

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