Saturday, December 13, 2008

Camiguin: Catching the reluctant sun in Benoni

Two days of glorious, sunshiny dawns gave way to a hesitant sunrise on our fourth day on camiguin. We shared the sun's hesitation, lingering under our respective blankets until close to 5.30am.A fter all, we eyed a patch of mangrove trees near the Benoni port within walking distance from where we were staying.

It seems Camiguin was just rousing from slumber. Children in uniforms were hurrying to school.A  fish seller on a tricycle was hawking his fresh catch.  The Supershuttle Ferry was unloading a fresh batch of passengers at the pier. And birds begun their medley of chirps and warbles high among the trees up the nearby cliffs. It was much later when the sun made a tour de force, when we were already leaving the island. We were set to go but not after reluctantly saying goodbye to our hosts, Mang Felipe and Manang Inday Kho of Islet Resort as well as their friendly dogs. Considering i've come again thrice to this island, who's to say I won't come back anew? 

Tourist info: iIslet resort is located in San Roque, Benoni. Within walking distance to the Benoni Port, it is also an ideal jump-off point for Mantigue Island. Rooms go for as low as P700 (twin-sharing, a/c) in the off-season. Contact owner Felipe Kho at 0916.3653966 or (088) 3874005


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