Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Marinduque: Silhouette romance

Pardon my borrowing the title of a series of popular romance novel books from the 80s but i felt like using it to paint a picture of how much i love shooting silhouettes. Our short trip to Marinduque presented some nice opportunities to do so even with the foreboding weather as evidenced from this series of shots -- from the shoreline of Reyes Park in Gasan to the sunrise shores of Gaspar Island.
Any which way you look at it, Marinduque is a beautiful place to explore -- for its scenic views and for its warm people.A nd you don't need to wait for the crowds to flock in during the Lenten Moriones Festival to see what it has to offer either.J ust pack your bags, brave the long waiting during the trip and enjoy the scenes.


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