Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Borongan: Beauty is in the details

I'm wrapping up my Borongan series with this post - a closer look at the details that make Borongan worth more than a cursory glance.T ruth be told, the province offers a lot more which gives one an excellent incentive to explore it and in my case, to come back for. For starters, there's intricate beauty in 'em details like the thatched roofs of houses in divinubo island.There's the raw beauty in the handcrafted skimboards of the young Boronganon wave riders. Each one bears the individual imprint of the rider as no two boards are alike. Made from locally-sourced wood, polished and painted by hand, they are a testament to the creativity of the Boronganons.There's graceful beauty in the bounty of the Borongan waters, fresh catch that is both eye-catching and mouthwatering. Being a coastal province, there's rarely a morning when you won't find freshly-caught fish from ambulant hawkers.Then, there's solemn beauty in the hallowed halls of the Borongan Katedral, a place where to seek solace, to thank the Creator for a bountiful catch or a safe trip. Put borongan on your itinerary before the crowds come. Only Seair flies direct to Borongan, flying every Monday. To book or get more info, visit


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