Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sonya's: In nature's sweet embrace

For covering a friend's wedding, Lagalog had the fortune of being treated to an overnight stay at Sonya's Garden. I've had a meal here quite sometime ago but this marked the first time I'm spending overnight in this place. Part of sonya's magic is the quaint charm it exudes. It may not be within view of Taal Volcano but entering the place is like entering an enchanted forest. Surrounded by all that lushness, everything one does assumes a sort of magical feeling.

I had the mint room to myself and it was swell. Just seating on the receiving area feels like chilling out already.T he room was located near the bottom of a ravine and save for the sound of the leaves swaying in the wind and the songs of crickets, it was serene.The air was nippy and the late afternoon mood was all-too-tempting not to slack off even for just an hour or so. With an inviting bed and overcast lighting, sleep became inevitable.When darkness crept in, the place became even more enchanting with lights that glitter in the cold breeze. For a while, time stood still and magic pervaded the air.  Info: Sonya's Bed & Breakfast is located at Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite in the vicinity of Tagaytay City • to contact, call (046) 413.2081, 0917.5335140, 0917.5329097 or visit


escape said...

enchanting indeed. i've heard of this place from friends too. never had the chance yet to visit the place but it's very similar to balay indang in indang cavite.

EM said...

Wow...very nostalgic and romantic ang place. It would be torture to stay there alone don't you think?

Anonymous said...

I love that place. I haven't seen Sonya's at night and it does look wonderful with all those lights lit up.

lagal[og] said...

hi dom, i think there are similarities between the two though if my memory serves me right, sonya's pioneered the meals in a garden setting and just later branched out into a bed and breakfast.

em, business pa rin kasi ito so was alone by my lonesome :D but i think the place is also great for introspecting people who treasure the peace and quiet.

wulfriend, it is indeed captivating at night. along with the december chill, it's just so wonderful even just to lay still and chill out, literally.

The Islander said...

oh! so this is the place that i missed way back our trip to tagaytay because i went ahead of the group. sayang!

looks elegant and classy. di ako bagay dito. kaya ok nalang din siguro. *anti social?* hehe

lagal[og] said...

jp, i don't consider myself upmarket hahaha but the place is simply wonderful and homey


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