Saturday, May 30, 2009

Myanmar: Avoiding the holiday rush and going back to Yangon

There was a power outage again when i returned to Nyaung U (I asked and was told that the dry season was affecting the power generation).I n the 40 degree plus temperature, it feels nice to be able to nap with the windows open before having a leisurely lunch and showering.myanmar bagan busAt nearly 3.15pm, the Bagan Minthar Express bus bound for Yangon passed by. I made a hasty wave to Aung, Eden's manager. He helped me secure my ticket with one call to the bus company and it cost me only 16,000kyats (about $16), even cheaper than the fare I paid for the trip from Yangon to Mandalay.

The bus made a very early dinner stopover -- 5.30pm to be exact. After that, our next stop was through a military checkpoint where soldiers listed down our names and inspected our passports and visas. I summarily fell asleep afterwards. I was expecting to arrive in Yangon at around 9am so getting there before sunrise was a big surprise. The much improved roads have considerably reduced the travel time to just under 16 hours instead of the usual 20.motherland inn 2 facadeThe taxi from the station to downtown shouldn't cost more than 7,000kyats but the taxi driver I rode with not only asked for more, he also got more passengers to ride along. I tried getting into the YMCA hostel along Mahabandoola Road but the gates were still closed. I tried the second inn on my list and it was an act of serendipity. Motherland  Inn 2 is located in the quieter side of town, at lower Pazandaung Road, near a railway. Except for the occasional shakes when a train passes by, the place is cozy, very clean, and offers good value for money. yangon motherland inn 2 roomAt $10/day for an airconditioned double room, it offers very spacious and very clean toilet and bath, free big breakfast, free transport to the airport, cable tv (only five channels available); internet-ready computers (spotty connection though). The clincher was the 24-hour power supply. Considering the very long power outages even in Yangon, this was a relief. The staff were also very friendly and helpful, especially Ko Ko. Look for this friendly chap if and when you pass by. 

Tips: always carry your passport/visa (and also a photocopy) especially when traveling cross-country • info: Motherland Inn 2, no. 433, Lower Pazundaung Road, Yangon; email:


bertN said...

Ten dollars for a big aircon room with free breakfast, cable TV,internet connection and airport shuttle! That's a steal!! BTW, do holders of US passport have a hard time traveling in the country?

lagal[og] said...

hi bert, it sure is a steal to find this inn. i think it's a bit trickier for u.s. passport holders to get into and travel in myanmar in the light of the recent incident when an american swam across the lake to where ang suukyi is being held captive. at the time of my travel, there were americans and europeans on the buses and in the towns.

Ferdz said...

I'm glad to hear the road from Bagan to Yangon has improved. I've been hearing horror stories on how bad the roads are there.

What a find for Motherland Inn2. Napaka sulit! Will be very useful if I ever plan my trip there.

lagal[og] said...

thanks amigo. nagulat nga ako how fast the trip was since i'm basing the eta from trip accounts i've found in the internet dating back 2 or so years ago. based on those, the roads have greatly improved. i woke up a few times during the trip and the ride was smooth and the bus was able to go really fast because of that.

motherland inn 2 is a real find. i highly recommend them. :D

Sidney said...

Indeed... your hotel looks like a bargain... very spacious and clean rooms.

escape said...

shakes in that hotel??? at least it's occasional. hehehe... the place looks so good for the price.

kbongy said...




Lantaw said...

10 USD for that room? kahit dito wala kang makitang ganyan :)

Leah said...

What great luck you have. Nice and comfy looking room. Enjoy the rest of your trip

lagal[og] said...

sidney, i think so, too.

dom, it's the vibration caused by the trains that pass nearby. but it's just an occasional thing.

bong, thanks for dropping by. nice to hear from you again.

allan, onga eh, it's really a good deal.

leah, i'm lucky to have stumbled upon this find.

Marco said...

what a beauty!

lagal[og] said...

marco, salamat for dropping by.


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