Monday, November 9, 2009

Manila Ocean Park: Watching ballet at the oceanarium

The Manila Ocean Park markets the show as "Dancing Fairies" and it seems to me that there's truism in the term. Entering the darkened mini hall, it was more exciting to see the jellyfish display than the aquarium tunnel.
In the ever-changing colors of the surreal lighting, these cnidarians perform a never-ending ballet as they hover, push, propel and sway in the confines of the big, floor to ceiling tanks. Their contracting-pulsating movements making them float like aliens from deep space instead of deep sea, seemingly dancing to a rhythm our ears can't hear.
Not really fishes but cnidarians or soft-bodied animals with umbrella-like bodies, the term jellies is often used to address that "fish" misnomer. Looking up close at these creatures, one can see the beauty of creation in the almost transparent bodies and marvel at the ingenuity of its anatomy -- a creature with no brain and a hydrostatic skeleton. In a word - amazing. Staring up close, one can't help but admire the beauty of this creature, much-feared in the open seas for their deadly stings. Info: Catch this mesmerizing display at the Manila Ocean Park. Admission is P150. Cameras and tripods are allowed inside. • For info, call 567.7777 or visit


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