Monday, October 10, 2011


PVF - Rachel Anne Daquis Flowing
Rachel Anne Daquis flows
While waiting for a chance to go on a trip again, Lagalog is busy with work and in between, some recreation. I've been a volleyball fan for the longest time and watching the game is a not-so-secret vice for me (I used to play volleyball and is very familiar with the intricacies of the game, hence this fascination). Here are some snaps from the recent PVF Philippine Open where I had the privilege of catching the newly-formed RP women's team in action. They didn't fare well in the tourney but I was lucky to get some snaps which I call Sportraits since they somehow show these athletes in pensive and serious moments. 

PVF - Ging Balse Pensive
UST alumna Ging Balse in a pensive mood pre-game
Watching the games in Ninoy Aquino Stadium is sobering for me. I haven't been here since my sportswriting days at The Manila Standard ages ago and while I want to wax sentimental about it, the place looked shabby and worn-out.  There were trash everywhere after the games and the roof leaks in various places when it rains.  The seats have really seen better days, some broken into pieces, a lot of others with sticky seats from only God knows what.  I appreciate the free entrance but I wouldn't mind being charged a fee to help restore a little dignity to this historical place (not many people know the sports complex was the site of the 1954 Asian Games. Imagine that).
PVF - Rachel Anne Daquis 4
Fan favorite Daquis sparkles even under the uneven stadium lights
Then, there's this curious thing about the security guards at the gates. They wouldn't let you in without leaving an I.D. at the Pablo Ocampo (formerly Vito Cruz) entrance so you'll have to enter through the gate on the Harrison Plaza side.  The kicker is that you could exit via the Vito Cruz entrance. I don't really mind the extra walk but after the games, the street is a tad too dark. Anyway, walking inside the compound past the tennis courts, the stadium with its track oval, the buildings for the national weightlifting and bowling teams makes me think back to my sportswriting days. Funny (maybe not), the edifices seem like what they used to be.
PVF - Ging Balse On the Run
Former UST standout Ging Balse with her game face


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