Sunday, October 1, 2023

Electroculture Gardening Experiment: I Was Really Skeptical But...

New batch of Basil after a typhoon blew away my former batch

I would like to think I'm more open to fringe theories than most people I know. Even then, I thought electroculture gardening was farther left field than most topics. I've read and watched about it years ago but never got to try it until now. I had several Dragontail plants (Epipremnum pinnatum) that withstood my transfer to a new living space a year ago though one or two weren't really thriving. I found out the hard way that like rubber plants, they're rather sensitive to being moved around, preferring to be in their spaces. 

Dragontail III thriving anew
I chanced upon another electroculture gardening video on Youtube recently and thought, why not try it?   If it doesn't work, I can always recycle the chopsticks as plant supports and the copper wire for tying some of the plant hangers.

Plant growth stimulation with electricity -- true or false? To be honest, I wasn't really expecting much from the experiment. But even I was surprised at how it all turned out. Not just with my Dragontail plants but also with my new batch of Genovese Basil, Pothos (it's distant relative int he Epipremnum family), Oregano, chili pepper, even my 20-year old ZZ plant. It's like I gave them a growth booster -- they're just sprouting new leaves and new branches.  I'll cut the yapping short and let the pictures speak for themselves here.


20-year old ZZ plant gets all showy

Just a short note: I didn't do anything fancy with the spirals. I used either the bare copper wire of a very thin gauge or the coated gauge 40 wire. I stripped the ends of the latter and wound them around wooden chopsticks in a clockwise fashion. One bare end is stuck into the soil while the opposite end sticks out like an antenna at the upper part of the stick. Pretty straightforward and nothing really fancy with this bioelectroculture  gardening experiment.

This made me a believer in this, what others may dismiss as woo-woo stuff. It worked for me and since it's so cheap to try, why not do it and find out for yourself? As the video I linked above stated, there's also a palpable change in the energy of the garden with the copper spirals. You'd sense it after a day or two (or maybe, I'm just very sensitive to energy shifts).

P.S. Makes me wonder if this would work on a farm with a lot of veggies. That would be so cool to find out when I get to have my farm (one day soon, I hope). Shades of Nikolas Tesla wisdom applied to gardening. Wouldn't harm if you try it and see for yourself if it works.

The green viewing window I created for my rescue cat, Alvin


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