Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Catching up in Miag-ao and Nagarao

It's been awhile since I last went out of town.I  haven't really shot anything much after December's Biliran trip and January's Caracol. I've been shooting for the office's simple photo requirements (something to thank the heavens for) but not nature shots which I crave for. I was really looking forward to our Taal town shoot but the weather didn't allow us to proceed so this Miag-ao-Nagarao trip, no matter how short, was really something I was looking forward to.

it's an opportunity to catch up with my buddy, ferdz, and to meet up with a fellow mountaineer, erick d. who's already a regular chat-mate on ym. people close to me knows i'm a lonely planet-kind of shooter. but i don't really mind travel companions as long as we click together. and i'd like to believe our motley group was a hit on the get-go. these two braved my corniest jokes so i'd like to think we all enjoyed the trip (correct me if i'm wrong guys). i find it funny that on my next upcoming trip, i would be travelling with another new travel companion but i think it's an opportunity to expand my circle of friends, and also to share whatever i know. i'm a stubborn, hard-headed fellow who at times, would rather travel solo, so i find it a blessing to have these friends. thanks ferdz, it's always a pleasure traveling with you. and thanks erick for putting up with my jokes. image detail: wicker baskets used for catching/containing fish found in nagarao island, guimaras


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