Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coming to terms with Terminal 3

(My buddy Ironwulf checks in his baggage for the flight) 

Had a chance to see the relatively newly-opened Terminal 3 during the long weekend for a trip to Silay, Negros Occidental with ferdz and erick. It felt new and very pleasing to the eyes, give or take some leaks in the ceiling here and there.

Am i glad that Cebu Pacific moved their operations here as the old domestic terminal is really way too old and dated especially considering the new fleet of airplanes of CebPac (and Airphil as well).
(The great architecture is accentuated by dramatic lighting) 

As with any new operation, it has its share of bugs that need fixing. there were hot and cold spots, rather make it quite hot in some and very cold in other spots. coming back to Manila, the taxi line is non-existent as gung-ho taxi riders just randomly run after the taxis (there are two authorized lines: the yellow fixed rate cabs and mge taxis) without making so much of an effort to line up. this needs to be addressed as it's bound to create havoc especially in the peak season.

11 comments: said...

i noticed that too. at the boarding area, it was icy cold but in the other areas, it was hot.

the transpo queue should be addressed asap especially that the coming Christmas season is fast approaching.

lagal[og] said...

oo nga arlene. with the Christmas season approaching, these needs to be addressed kung di bedlam sa airport

escape said...

i'll be passing by this terminal in september and i really hope things will improve. im also bound for negros occidental.

model mo na naman si ferdz. hehehe...

looking forward to these negros occidental series.

lagal[og] said...

hey dom, kelangan ko ng human element kasi and no other better model but si bestfriend, hehehe

i hope i can post a bit on the trip. i was saddled by a bout of food poisoning kasi. salamat for dropping by

Oman said...

oggie, di pa ko napasok jan, maybe by september din. by the looks of it, malaki at maganda nga siya. sorry for the food poisoning bro. ingats lagi.

lagal[og] said...

thanks oman. sayang nga at hindi napakinabangan agad itong terminal 3. but better late than never. will post about my food poisoning incident in a future post. ingat din bro!

Anonymous said...

Wow extra na naman ako. hehe.

It's really a good thing na na open na nila ito. I also like the beam designs towards the ceiling. And the terminal has a modern spacious feel in contrast to T1.

I share the sentiments with those taxi waiting areas. it should be organized just like the old domestic airport.

lagal[og] said...

ok nga wulfriend kasi contrast yung blue shirt mo sa yellow counter hehehe. galing ng architecture ng t3. milya-milya ang layo sa sinaunang t1. sana lang ayusin nila yung taxi queuing lalo na bago mag-holiday season

Erick said...

bro! salamat sa companionship nyo ni ferdz. sarap nyo talaga kasama. medyo bitin lang lakad natin. hope oks ka na.

regarding the cabs eh medyo natagal ako. pinauna ko pa kasi yung babaeng may kargang bata. oks naman. sana naman ayusin na nga nila.

lagal[og] said...

that's very gentlemanly and generous of you erick. though if there was a line, wala dapat gulo sa taxi queuing. sana nga ayusin nila soon.

Lantaw said...

nice to hear to all had a great trip bai. i still have yet to try NAIA 3, good thing its already open.
I hope to join the masters next time in your future trips :)


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